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Cherry Blossom - Disinfectant & Air Freshener

Dual action deodoriser and air freshener

Contains a broad spectrum bactericide

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CHERRY BLOSSOM is a dual action cleaner. It is a neutral detergent containing specially formulated perfume oils with a high residual nature which masks obnoxious odours. It is safe to use on all washable surfaces and it is compatible with most floor finishes.

CHERRY BLOSSOM’S powerful detergent removes dirt and grime from all washable surfaces with considerable ease.

CHERRY BLOSSOM has a specially selected perfume having long lasting residuality by slowly releasing the fragrances over an extended period.


In confined spaces CHERRY BLOSSOM together with its mild disinfectant properties freshens and deodorises by masking obnoxious odours and giving a fresh clean appeal to treated surfaces. CHERRY BLOSSOM is ideally suited to toilets, washrooms and other areas where odours are a problem.


  • Multi-functional – Cleans, sanitises and deodorises in one application
  • Contains a broad spectrum bactericide
  • Contains a high residual perfume
  • Leaves a fresh long lasting fragrance.
  • Based on mild detergents
  • Phosphate Free formulation
  • Safe of all surfaces.
  • Fully biodegradable

Available in 500ml, 5 Litre or 15 Litres.

Application/ Directions of use

AS A DISINFECTANT Add 1 part of Cherry Blossom to 40 parts water. Mop or swab the area to be cleaned. Take up the excess moisture and allow to dry.

AS AN AIR FRESHENER Add 1 part of Cherry Blossom to 3 parts water and spray a fine mist towards the ceiling.

Dilution Rate


Total Ready to use Solution Required


1 Litre

10 Litre
Chemical Water Chemical Water Chemical Water
Deodoriser 1:40 Cool 13ml 487ml 25ml 975ml 250ml 9.75L
Air Freshener 1:3 Cool 125ml 375ml 250ml 750ml 2.5L 7.5L

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