Bathroom Cleaner Application


  • Lightly soiled surfaces: Dilute 1:300 (3ml/Lt)
  • Heavily soiled surfaces: Dilute 1:150 (6ml/Lt)
  • Toilet Bowls, Urinals and Tough Stains: Use undiluted


  1. Toilet Bowls & Urinals: Squirt directly under toilet bowl rim or into urinal so as to cover the entire bowl. Agitate with a toilet brush and flush. Stubborn stains may require 5 to 10 minutes dwell time.
  2. Showers, Toilets, Basins: Spray directly onto area to be cleaned or apply to a sponge/scourer pad first. Spread and agitate using the scourer/sponge. Rinse with clear water.
  3. Floors and Walls: Apply solution with a clean mop or cloth/sponge. Agitate and allow dwell time for stubborn soils. Rinse with clear water.