Mould Extractor Application



Do not dilute. Ready to use


  1. Ready to use. No mixing required.
  2. Remove and clean away all wet and dry debris.
  3. Apply Mould Exterminator to the affected area. Ensure all surfaces come into contact with the Mould Exterminator. Application can be by means of spray, mop or cloth.
  4. Agitate areas with organic or mould build-up to promote complete removal of the bio-mass. Agitation will also aid mould and stain removal.
  5. Allow a minimum of 1 minute dwell time for disinfection and 10 minutes dwell time for mould remediation.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, where possible.
  7. Repeating this process may be required for areas with heavy organic loading.

Special use notes

  • Do not use or allow contact on carpets, fabrics or sensitive surfaces.
  • After cleaning and disinfection is completed, Actichem Biosan II can be applied as a post residual treatment for enhanced inhibition of fresh mould growth.
  • Further information can be found in the Actichem Mould Dream Team booklet.
  • Masonry and stone surfaces can be sealed with an Actichem penetrating sealer to prevent future mould growth.