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Biocane Tray 480g

BioPak Sugarcane Trays are tree-free – made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp – and certified home compostable.

100 trays per sleeve

600 trays per carton

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  • Made from 100% renewable resource – the reclaimed byproducts from the sugar industry.
  • Sugarcane products are a perfect replacement for plastic fruit and vegetable produce trays.
  • They have a high wet strength and perform better in moist environments than conventional cardboard trays.
  • Sugarcane products are certified home compostable to Australian AS5810 and European NF T51-800 standards and commercially compostable to Australian AS4736 and European EN13432 standards. Our BioCane range is the only sugarcane packaging certified home compostable in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Our sugarcane produce trays have an indefinite shelf-life, if kept cool and dry.

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