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Extreme - Concentrated Laundry Liquid

Floral fragrance

Suitable for front and top loading machines

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RapidClean Extreme Concentrated Laundry Liquid contains a floral fragrance to leave clothes smelling fresh. Extreme Concentrated Laundry Liquid effectively removes common stains on all fabrics and is suitable for hot or cold washing. Extreme is Grey Water safe and complies with Australian standards for phosphate content.

Available in 5 Litre or 15 Litre.

    Application/ Directions of use

    1. Top loading machines: use ½ cup for a normal wash load. For heavy soiling use up to 1 cup
    2. Front loading machines: use ¼ cup for normal wash loads. For heavy soiling use ½ cup
    3. Hand washing and soaking: ½ cup to a bucket (5 litres).
    4. Pre spotting: Pour a small quantity onto the stain, rub gently and place soiled garment and balance of detergent into the wash.

    Dilution Rate


    Total Ready to use Solution Required


    1 Litre

    10 Litre
    Chemical Water Chemical Water Chemical Water
    Hand washing and soaking 1:7 Cool 62.5ml 437.5ml 125ml 875ml 1.25L 8.75L

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