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Cuddle Soft - Fabric Softener & Conditioner

Concentrated liquid ensuring economical dose rates

Contains a high quality perfume

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RapidClean Cuddle Soft Fabric Softener performs two roles in one operation, softening fabrics as well as eliminating static charge. Recommended for the laundering of towels, bed linen and to reduce static cling in polyester and synthetic garments. Leaves fabrics fragrantly fresh, easy to iron and wrinkle free.

Available in 5 Litre or 15 Litre.

Application/ Directions of use

Top and front loading machines – use 1½ capfuls (10-15ml) per normal wash load.

Handwashing - use ½ - 1 capful (5-10ml)

Industrial and commercial laundries - use 2ml per kilo of dry wash load in the final rinse cycle

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