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Foam Antibacterial Wash Pod 1L

Foam Wash Antibacterial is an AQIS approved product for use in food preparation areas. It is also is pH balanced, fragrance free and has moisturisers added.

A carton contains 6 x 1L pods

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RapidClean Antibacterial Foam Wash Pod is a fragrance free, sanitising foaming washroom hand cleanser. It is designed for use in the following industrial situations: food processing plants, canteens, restaurants, kitchens, kindergartens and schools, nursing homes, effluent and waste disposal sites, janitors and industrial washrooms.

Use RapidClean Foam Wash Antibacterial to clean and sanitise hands before handling food or after cleaning up waste which may be microbiologically contaminated. It produces a rich lather combined with a gentle cleansing action and is based on low irritant, biodegradable surfactants with skin emollients to prevent dry skin.

RapidClean Foam Wash Antibacterial is dispensed via attractive wall mounted dispensers for ease of use.

Fitted for the following dispenser

Application/ Directions of use

1. Apply 1 to 2 Pumps of product onto hands

2. Massage into the skin between fingers and under the nails.

3. Add a little water if required to maintain a good lather

4. Rinse off with cold or warm water potable water and dry

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