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Easi-Clean - Heavy Duty Degreaser

Effective in hard and soft water

Economical fast spray-on, wipe-off application

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Easi-Clean is a caustic based heavy duty degreaser which removes heavy deposits of grease, fat, protein deposits, dirt, oil, from all hard surfaces. Easi-Clean is particularly effective in food plants and kitchens when used as directed.

Available in 500ml, 5 Litre or 15 Litres.

Application/ Directions of use

Use with a mop, brush, sponge or spray. Wear gloves if using the product for manual cleaning. If deposits are heavy allow solution to penetrate for 5 minutes but do not allow to dry. Rinse well with warm water.

For heavy duty cleaning: use at a concentration of 15-25 ml/litre (1 cup per bucket in hot water).

Food processing & dispensing equipment: Add 50ml to a bucket of warm/hot water (10 Litres).

Cool rooms, fridges & freezers: Add 100-200ml (depending on soil load) to a bucket of warm/hot water (10 Litres). All purpose cleaning: Add 50ml to a bucket of warm/hot water (10 Litres).

Spray & wipe: Add 80ml to an empty spray bottle.

Dilution Rate


Total Ready to use Solution Required


1 Litre

10 Litre
Chemical Water Chemical Water Chemical Water
All purpose cleaning, Food processing & dispensing equipment 1:200 Cool 3ml 497ml 5ml 995ml 50ml 9.95L
Cool rooms, fridges & freezers 1:100 Cool 5ml 495ml 10ml 990ml 100ml 9.9L
Heavy Duty cleaning 1:50 Cool 10ml 490ml 20ml 980ml 200ml 9.8L

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