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I-Mop XXL with Batteries & Charger

Full size scrubber dryer with the flexibility of a flat mop

Includes 2x 14Amp Batteries and Super Charger

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Did you know an area that normally takes 30 mins to clean can be reduced to 5 mins with the i-mop XXL floor scrubber dryer? Designed for medium-to-large floor areas, the i-mop XXL is an extremely versatile battery-powered industrial mop machine that washes, scrubs and vacuums up to 2300 square meters of hard floor per hour.

Over 70% of floors are still cleaned with a mop & bucket. It is time to think differently about cleaning floors. Mop & buckets are highly maneuverable however they have many issues:

  • Extremely labor-intensive
  • Primarily spread dirt around instead of removing
  • Pose slip and fall risk due to wet floor

The i-mop combines the maneuverability of the mop with the performance of a scrubber

  • Greatly reduces labor costs, up to 10 times faster than a mop & bucket
  • dramatically reduces water & chemical consumption
  • delivers extremely clean floors with high mechanical agitation
  • leaves nearly instantaneous dry floors with water recovery

The i-mop was designed to:

  • Work in tight spaces and underneath obstacles with its 360 degree handle
  • Have unlimited mobility with a foldable scrub deck & transport wheels, light enough to pick up
  • Be simple with easy & intuitive controls for first time scrubber operators

The way it works is two-fold, it puts down clean water in front of the twin brushes that counter rotate, pushing the solution towards the center which cleans the floor. This then allows the vacuum and squeegee to dry the floor.

There are a couple of features that set the i-mop XXL Basic apart from the i-mop lite

  1. Battery Safeguard - The new battery safeguard on the i-mop floor scrubber disconnects the i-power batteries power when the machine is in the park or transport position – even with the machine left on. Only when you lower the i-mop brush deck will the battery power kick in. This ensures optimal battery life, along with maximum machine uptime.
  2. Control Panel - The upgraded control panel on the i-mop XL walk behind floor scrubbers has a lower inlay and added rubber bump protection. These features are designed to protect the control panel from accidental damage and make it easier to work with.
  3. Splash Guards - Splash guards have been standard on the i-mop floor scrubber for some time. However we have introduced a new, improved version which is made of flexible PVC. This PVC is a sturdy material that is wear-resistant; yet has enough flexibility to absorb the movement of brushes or pads on the machine without being dislodged. The new splash guards also do not collect dirt - an issue with brush bristle-type splash guards.
  4. Float ball system To protect the vacuum motor from accidental water ingress, we have added a float ball system to the recovery tank on the i-mop. The float ball will rise with the water level. Suppose the water is reaching a level where it could go through to the i-mop vacuum motor. In that case, the float will block the vacuum inlet, minimising the risk of any water passage to the motor. Note: This float ball system can be retrofitted to earlier models of the i-mop XL autoscrubbers.

The additional features of the i-mop XL Plus model are:

  1. Electronic Switch The electronic switch on the i-mop Plus & Pro models is an additional safeguard to prevent water from entering the vacuum motor. When the machine’s handle is lowered to 32 degrees from the floor, the i-mop will shut down as this is an angle that risks water getting to the vacuum motors. The electronic switch supplements the protective action of the Float Ball System.
  2. Timer Display The i-mop Plus & Pro models' user interface incorporates an hour meter that shows the total hours of machine operation. This is particularly useful for maintenance purposes, allowing you to keep track of when your machine may require servicing. It also enables accurate records when leasing or hiring out the i-mop

The main differences between the XL and the XXL is that in order to clean large areas with the same flexibility as the high-performing i-Mop XL, we’ve increased the scrub deck width to 62cm and increased tank capacity to allow for longer periods between refilling.

Specification information for I-Mop XXL with Batteries & Charger

  • Applications Hard floor types (porcelain tiles, natural stone, timber, vinyl, non-slip floors)
  • Theoretical PerformanceUp to 2300m² per hour
  • Practical Performance1200 - 1800m² per hour
  • Brush Speed 350 RPM
  • Brush Pressure 32kg
  • Scrub Width62cm
  • Size Machine (l x w x h) 43 x 69 x 124cm
  • Weight without batteries21kg
  • Clean water tank5L
  • Recovery clean tank8L
  • MaterialPP, Aluminum alloy
  • Power source 2 i-power 14 batteries
  • Battery25.2V, 14Ah
  • Run Time60mins
  • Charge Time (i-charge 9 Supercharger) 1 hour


Our trained staff will assist you in determining what can be done to restore your cleaning equipment to working order.
Whether you are in need of a repair to fix a broken piece of equipment or in need of a service on your current machine to keep it running at its peak, we can help you. We additionally can perform Test and Tagging on your machines.
We have over 25 plus years of experience in the cleaning equipment industry. We are the authorized service center for major brands and have access to the latest schematics and repair techniques.

Test & Tag on us

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