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I-Power Battery

Batteries that fit the vac 5B & i-mop XL & XXL

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Having a whole fleet of battery-powered machines at your disposal without compromising on power helps you get outstanding cleaning results in a very efficient manner.

No more wasting time looking for power outlets. Just turn it on and go. The complete freedom of movement wherever, whenever makes your cleaning routine way more efficient. For instance, the process of cleaning a hotel with a vacuum cleaner means that you have to unwind, plug in, plug out and rewind the cord in every room. This process costs you 30 seconds every time. A hotel with 20 rooms adds up to € 1000 savings per year.

  • Charge time on Standard i-charge: 5 - 6 hr
  • Charge time on Supercharger i-charge: 1 hr
  • Running the i-mop XL for 60-70 mins on i-power 9 Complete
  • Running the i-mop XXL for 60 mins on i-power 14 Complete
  • Running the i-scrub 21B for 150 mins on i-power 14 Complete
  • Running the vac 5B for 30 mins on the i-power 9 and 40 mins on the i-power 14


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