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Shoulder Sink is a mobile hand hygiene station that gives the user access to a complete hand wash wherever and whenever needed

Soap and water are the authority-recommended and most effective way to clean your hands. Clean Water, Soap, Paper & Sanitiser has not always been readily available,

The Mobile Handwashing station Australia has been waiting for. Everything you need at your fingertips for the perfect wash. Soap, Water, Paper, Hand Sanitiser or Grit Soap and your own Bin all in one incredibly compact unit.

Water and soap have always been the best way to clean your hands. WHO, CDC, and many other health organizations recommend water and soap as the best solution for dirty hands. Handrub or ethanol are best used on clean hands.

ShoulderSink is the only solution where you have everything in one. It is compact, it is easy and convenient to use – and it is easy to bring along to where it is needed.

You can order with simply just the ShoulderSink individually or as a pack that comes with 5L of Anti-bac Hand Soap, 5L Sani-Gel Hand Sanitiser and the fitted Paper towel.