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Streak Free - Machine Dishwashing Powder

Streak Free is a machine dishwashing powder with built-in rinse additive. It is an oxygen activated detergent powder containing sanitising and anti-bacterial properties for commercial and domestic-style dishwashers.

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Streak-Free is a white free flowing powder with a clean citrus fragrance. It is based on a blend of heavy duty alkaline detergents, soil suspending agents, anti-scaling components combined with
an oxygen activated de-staining agent and also contains an in built rinse aid additive.

Streak-Free is specifically formulated for use in all types of domestic and industrial dishwashing machines. It effectively cleans and de-stains a wide range of cutlery and crockery including all plastic ware.

  • Freely Soluble and Leaves no gritty residues
  • Contains anti-scaling agents minimising the need to de-scale dishwashers in hard water conditions
  • Oxygen activated with In built rinse aid additive
  • Contains a citrus perfume which Imparts a fresh fragrance during the wash cycle
  • Non chlorinated and Safe on all plastic ware.

Application/ Directions of use

COMMERCIAL MACHINES: Fill machine with fresh hot water and use 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of Streak free Machine Dishwashing Powder. As each rack of dishes is washed, add 1 teaspoon of Streak-free Machine Dishwashing Powder to compensate for the fresh rinse water addition to the wash tank.

DOMESTIC MACHINES: Use 1-2 teaspoons per wash. Rinse product contacting surfaces with portable water. NOTE: Aluminium ware, leaded crystal and glass or hand painted china may be affected by dishwashing conditions. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for washing these articles.

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