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Tutti Fruitti - Disinfectant Cleaner

Commercial grade disinfectant and detergent

Cleans and disinfects to protect from germs and bacteria

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Tutti Fruitti Disinfectant is a commercial grade disinfectant with built-in detergent. It is formulated to clean and disinfect all hard surfaces and provide protection against germs and bacteria. It deodorises the room, leaving a pleasant tutti fruitti fragrance. Recommended for all washable hard surfaces such as floors and tiled walls in washrooms.

Available in 500ml, 5 Litre or 15 Litres.

Application/ Directions of use

FOR GENERAL CLEANING: dilute Tutti Fruitti Disinfectant 1:60 with water.

FOR CLEANING AND DISINFECTING: dilute Tutti Fruitti Disinfectant 1:20 with water.

FOR SPRAY AND WIPE CLEANING: fill trigger spray with diluted solution (see below table for dilution rate for what usage you need for your job). Apply to surface using clean cloth. For bucket cleaning, fill bucket with diluted solution. Apply to surface, use cloth for small areas, mop for floors.

Dilution Rate


Total Ready to use Solution Required


1 Litre

10 Litre
Chemical Water Chemical Water Chemical Water
General Cleaning 1:60 Cool 9ml 491ml 17ml 983ml 166ml 9.83L
Cleaning and Disinfectant 1:20 Cool 25ml 475ml 50ml 950ml 500ml 9.5L

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