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Window Cleaner

Environmentally friendly, streak free window cleaner

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Finally! A truly environmentally friendly window cleaner, that is as good if not better than the best window cleaner you have ever used!

The Responsibly Green Window Cleaner is a high quality spray-on-wipe-off, hard surface cleaner which is custom engineered for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other smooth surfaces. It quickly emulsifies oil residues, soil deposits and other organic stains, leaving a clean, non-streak finish. Formulated using polymeric detergents to provide total non-smear results.


  • Non Smear Results – New polymeric chemistry provides outstanding cleaning action with total non-smear results.
  • Fast Drying – Window Cleaner’s use of carefully selected alcohols and solvents provides rapid evaporation for easy cleaning action.
  • Tough on Grime – Window Cleaner contains emulsifiers effective in the removal of grease and oily deposits.
  • Versatile – Also ideal for use as a multi-task spray-on-wipe-off hard surface cleaner.
  • Pleasant to Use – Window Cleaner is an ultra- low VOC, hypoallergenic formula and is complimented with a subtle fragrance.

Colour: Clear
pH: 10
Fragrance: Subtle
Dilution: Ready to use
Safety profile: Non-hazardous

Application/ Directions of use


  1. Use Window Cleaner undiluted as a spray-on, wipe-off cleaner for cleaning glass and smooth surfaces
  2. Dilute 20ml per litre of water (1:50), when using professional squeegee equipment.
  3. Using a trigger spray bottle, spray a fine mist onto the surface to be cleaned.
  4. Dry to a gloss finish with a clean, soft, lint free cloth or paper towel.
  5. When using professional squeegee equipment, apply solution with window washer and squeegee off.