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Wonder - Laundry Soaker/Sanitiser

RapidClean Wonder Soaker Sanitiser is a multi-purpose stain remover suitable for general purpose laundering of garments, all types of linen (excluding wool) and recommended for hand-washing, and in top and front loader washing machines.

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WONDER is a white free flowing oxygenated bleaching powder used for the cleaning and whitening of nappies, whites and coloured clothing. It may also be used for the removal of tannin and food stains from crockery items

WONDER has been specifically formulated for cleaning of childrens nappies. WONDER is a particularly effective bleaching agent and is suitable for use on a wide range of white and coloured fabrics


  • Bleaches thoroughly and evenly
  • Non chlorinated bleaching powder
  • Free rinsing
  • Highly economical in use
  • Suitable for use on whites, coloured work and mixed loads

Available in 4kg bucket or 15kg bag.

Application/ Directions of use


Add 50g of wonder to 10 litres of warm water and allow items to soak in solution overnight. Follow with normal laundry wash the next morning. Note that it is important to pre-test coloured fabrics to ensure they are colourfast.


To remove tannin or food stains from cups, cutting boards etc, prepare a solution of 50gms to 5Lt of warm water and soak for two hours.

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